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Last week we held a major webinar to cover the developments at Own Web Now since last Thanksgiving. The webinar was oversubscribed but the recording is up and if you have any questions there are people here that would love to answer them. Long story short, we had to look at the mirror and face the fact that we are growing the business at a rate that just was not sustainable – so we ended up reengineering not just the services but also the management and how we do things. Check out the webinar:

ExchangeDefender Q3 Update

Note: It may require GoToMeeting codec if you don’t have one; skip the first few minutes, GoToMeeting crashed and had to be restarted.. hence my rather annoyed tone at the start.

Now why does this matter to you at all? Well, on the surface it really doesn’t. Our internal process, our certifications and our business compliance are our problem.

But since we’ve solved those problems.. we can now offer a lot more services. Hence, I’m happy to invite you all to our next webinar that I hope you attend (don’t bother if you aren’t in our partner program and actively reselling services):

Wed, Aug 28, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM EDT

Announcing the release of the ExchangeDefender for Service Providers. If you manage large teams or diverse technology deployments, ExchangeDefender is adding solutions to the portfolio that will dramatically reduce the amount of time you will spend managing that technology and making support and deployment services remarkably more profitable.

letsgoHooray, more crap Vlad wants to sell me!!! No. What we will be announcing will not be an additional charge, will not be a new product and will not be something that is new to you.

However, it will put thousands of dollars into your pocket during the first month or on the very first project. Gua-ron-tee-d.

So let’s rock.