Music to my ears..

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The joys of owning a business and the coolest thing your employees can ever say to you (boldfaced):

“Subject: RE: Update on project Demotivated Shepherd“ 

GangleaderI know its DFWVF but here is the situation..

Everything works.. (functionally speaking unless you get creative)

We could use a day or two more.. Any chance we can hold off the announcements till Monday? We’ll work for free through the weekend to make it work perfectly.”

IMG_4705Now… The flight from SNA to DFW on the 5th is less than $400. And below is his message to you:

“Third prize is a Microsoft shirt. You can’t meet deadlines so perhaps there is another company you can work at and be unaccountable to its partners. You can’t meet deadlines for ****, you are ****, take a left on I35 and right on 114 and go ruin someone elses company!!!”

Erick Simpson, November 5th, 2007.


Ok, all joke aside, I am incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to do in the space of just two weeks and I know all of you watching this very public progress report over the last couple of days can appreciate the amount of effort we have all gone through to fix the problems you have identified. I too have lost some sleep and have been working like a maniac to do my end of this bargain, and while we have scaled down some of the ambitions we had, the items being delivered right now will make a material impact in your business if you work with us. Everything that I’ve promised is being tested and brought to perfection, just because we couldn’t get everything we planned for a few months done in two weeks doesn’t mean that what we are bringing is going to be halfassed. This certainly won’t cover all the problems, but its a great start and I really appreciate all of you that have sent me in the stuff that must have been very hard to write because it helped me explain the urgency and justify what why and what is happening. I truly appreciate it and I thank you for your business.

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