VladCast takes a sick day

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JacobtwotwoNo VladCast this week. Katie gave me a really bad virus, I’ve lost my voice and every time I try to talk I start caughing up flem while she sits in our living room watching Jacob Two-Two.

So this is what its like to have kids…

Nonetheless, there are a lot of interesting things in the community you could review this week. There are the two things about the death and preservation of SBS community that you might want to consider. It’s also the end of the fiscal year at Microsoft, meaning all the promotions and specials are coming to an end. There are the new Windows 2008 certifications, with hefty discounts, for those of us that like to be on the very top of this game. Plus I was going to talk about how a free tshirt got some new people to hop into the chats and join the parade. What about Dell pulling back a little of bloatware? The new SBS technical library? Andys Techie Blog? I think I was mostly going to gloat about my new BlackJack.

Though to be honest, with the weather the way it is I think we’ll just go outside and play for a day. See (some of) you at 8 PM.

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  1. andyparkes says:

    Hope the virus doesn’t keep you out of action for too long..especially since it’s effected your voice! 😉

    What about Andys Techie Blog? :-p

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