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I have been just about the loudest supporter of Dell in SMB but time has come where even I have to throw in a towel, both as a customer and as a Gold Team supported company.

Earlier today we had another person join OWN and our standard company issue, Dell Vostro, is just about the most awesome laptop there is for business. Reliable, excellent battery, takes abuse well…

3-21-2009 2-30-27 PM

The only problem is, when your DEFAUT order placed on March 21st does not ship until May 6th, you have no place being in the computer business. This isn’t 1996. You don’t get to take a month and a half to ship a PC.

What gets me is that this is the base laptop that Dell produces. I understand if Adamo has a lot of demand, or if their mini is oversold. But your basic model taking 6 weeks to be built and shipped tells me one thing – your business division is either slowing down a lot or you have serious problems.

I’m taking my business elsewhere, does anyone have a non-HP recommendation?

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  1. Dan McCoy says:

    Consider Lenovo. We are a Lenovo Partner and very happy with them. We use their servers, laptops and desktops. The laptops are the most rugged (short of a toughbook) I have seen and for a reasonable price. They give their partners 35% off a demo unit per quarter. And they are supported 24/7 in the USA by IBM. No complaints. Where else can you build a dual Quad core Xeon server with 14GB of RAM, dual hot swap power supplies and and a terabyte of RAID 10 for $1100. (And its actually an IBM e-server neath the covers.

  2. Dave Nickason says:

    Wait until Monday or Tuesday and see if the thing has shipped. I’ve gotten some stupid ship date estimates as it seems like they’re trying to overdeliver rather than overpromise. If one part is holding it up you could change the order accordingly, or raise hell with your rep and see if you get any better results.

    Not trying to defend Dell, but there’s something to be said for consistency and dealing with the product you know, too.

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  4. Chad Kempt says:


    I wanted to second the Lenovo recommendation. I have been anti-Dell for many years; signed up for the Dell partner program when it got released in Canada and found the ship times to be nothing short of insane.

    Even though we don’t do enough volume to become a repair depot for the Lenovo equipment, they still ship us parts for machines under warranty if they don’t have an on-site agreement on that machine. This of course applies to desktops and laptops; but overall I’ve been very impressed.

    As mentioned by Dan above, the 35% off for demo units is also most welcome; and on par with the discount IBM offers partners.

  5. Blaine says:

    I’ve got to agree with the previous poster in regards to the ship dates being off. While not a computer, I ordered a replacement power adapter for a laptop on the 19th, was told it would ship on the 26th, but it arrived on the 20th.

    I’ve had other issues with Dell that has made me start looking at partner agreements with other companies. So I definitely would like to hear what other people have to say.

  6. We have been using HP for about 5 years and last year started selling Lenovo because HP started to really hose us on staying Warrenty Authorized. The Leenovo’s have been great and they take good care of us. Not sure how much longer we will stay with HP.

  7. Jeff says:

    Going to be the fifth or sixth to reco Lenovo. We’re exclusive Lenovo on our laptops. Love the T series. Been getting the SL series for all the new employees.

  8. Amazed says:

    Oh my … you lot order the laptop when the new employee shows up? By that time all what the employee needs to get to be productive should be waiting on his or her desk.

    Second, more like a lapsus in Dell’s on line systems than reality. Grab the phone, talk to your account manager and have it sorted. If that’s not possible in the USA move to Europe. Dell is the most direct, fasted and best value for money you can get around here. I’m allways surprised to read about the DELL issues with support and such in the USA.

  9. Chris Knight says:

    Very happy with Lenovo for laptops. Particularly like the fact I can re-image them with a standardised OS and have System Update put everything else back.
    The desktops aren’t too bad, but I’ve had more reliability problems with them compared with HP or Dell desktops.

  10. Matt Dillard says:

    I tend to agree with the bogus ship dates from Dell. If that comes up true, we use Toshiba Satellite Pro and have had no complaints from our users. Happy to share our rep with you. Richard’s Computers. I think they have a shop in Atlanta (closest to you). Let us know if you are interested in a contact.

  11. Jules says:

    You must have an account person to speak to?

    I must say that my online delivery dates are smoking alot of crack these days.

    Although I know in the UK my account manager wouldn’t sell me a Vostro as they are loss leaders and would then discount a Latitude to the same price 🙂

    Anyway, back to the point, get someone to shout at someone!

  12. vlad says:


    At the pace we are growing I simply don’t have the time to yell and shout every time something doesn’t go my way (I know, I know, assistant gets hired in April) and the very reason we work with Dell and give them so much business is because they are so reliable.


  13. Jules says:

    Hey Vlad,

    Yeah – I kinda guessed that was the problem in terms of time – hence the get someone to shout at someone 🙂

    Wish I could loan you Louise (my PA / admin) for a bit!!

  14. Jay says:


    Just got an email from TechData that they are now selling Dell products. If they have what you are looking for, you’ll have it tomorrow! Someone at Dell must of read your blog! 🙂

  15. vlad says:


    Our standard issue is a 15″ Vostro, this is a 17″ one. If you take a moment to look through Dell’s web site you will notice that all of their 17″ models have May delivery times. It is not a lapse in their order system, it’s an actual incompetence.

    We’re supported by the gold team, and the gold team rep said that they have put in an escalation order so it gets bumped a little bit but still won’t be here anytime soon.

    As for the lot and the business recommendations – thanks for stating the obvious. In United States workers generally don’t start working the moment they are done with their interview, there is typically a 2 week to a month period before they actually show up (in America we give 2 week notices, do drug and background checks, etc).

    Not sure why you’re hiding behind a fake name though.


  16. Blaine says:

    I just had another hiccup with Dell. Placed an order with Dell for another high-end machine for an O&G company…

    …they kicked the order back for some unspecified reason and then today they resubmitted the order so now the start date is even later?

    Give me a break!

    I’d like to know what the previous poster was speaking about in terms of HP wanting them to stay within Warranty Authorized. Do you mean they were requiring you to keep your techs HP certified?

  17. Michael says:

    Obviously you have the time to yell and shout since you have the time to mess with these replies. Make your time more useful.

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