I am not the bunny Vlad that makes the cookies!


So what kind of a Vlad am I?


The person with the most original comment/answer wins an iPod! Multiple answers allowed, contest not open to OWN employees/friends/family, ends Wednesday, March 19th.

11 Responses to I am not the bunny Vlad that makes the cookies!

  1. vlad says:

    Before anyone asks, I am not drunk/high/crazy, this is from the new movie “Horton hears a who!” and my namesake plays a role (there are two roles actually):

    “Vlad, Vlad. I know two Vlads. Is it the bad Vlad, or the bunny Vlad that makes the cookies?” -Horton The Elephant (Horton Hears A Who)”

    There, now that you know, get creative and get your shuffle!

  2. StaceyC says:

    I prefer the drunk/high/crazy excuse! 🙂

  3. charlie says:

    the beaver-watcher vlad
    vlad after ED ver 5 updates
    ….I’m Vlad Man……

  4. The Vladest Vlad of them all?

  5. HandyAndy says:

    pretty tricky disclaimer, everyone who reads this rag is either a friend, family member or employee, normal people don’t come here :>)

  6. HandyAndy says:

    Vlad the Inhaler?
    Picked up a new habit?

  7. Brian says:

    Soon to be: Vlad the Dad! 🙂
    And from someone who never wanted to have kids, trust me when I say it’s the best letters to have after your name!

  8. StaceyC says:

    Don’t make me take my business to the Wickershams!

  9. “I will devour the servers. Then I regurgatate them. Then I devour them a second time. So two times devoured.” Long live the Cloud. Vlad, King Cumulas.

  10. MikeyJ says:

    Vlad, Vlad the Riff Raff Regurgitator
    Promisin’ Monkeys and an SPF hater.

    He’s got a hand on his Weasel
    But no Indians in his Bucket
    When it comes to sugar coatin’
    He just says… “f***it”

    He’s the leader at OWN
    Defendin’ yo’ inbox…
    What happend to the SBSShow?
    That s*** rocks

    He’s on planes from FLA,
    over to the Big D
    Spendin’ all his spare time
    supportin’ the community

    VladFire, VladCast,
    an Exchange wiki too
    That boy got no time
    to even take a poo

    He built a Hackintosh
    ‘cuz the customer’s right
    That’s the type of guy he is —
    out o’ site

    I could keep on rhymin’,
    there’s so much to say
    But there’s just one reason I hit vladville every day

    Vlad’s the man, the one, the only.
    Without a blog post, my RSS is lonely.

    Thanks to Vlad for all he’s done.
    It’s hard to believe he’s only just begun.
    Always willing to go the extra mile.
    That last line’s just so I can rhyme “gaypile”

    Thanks, man, from all the silent lurkers out here.

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