It’s the bad Vlad!


Ok, so a week ago I took my wife (29) to see a Dr. Seuss movie and they had two Vlad’s in it. Coming to terms with not going to conferences this year means tons of swag piling up and while I’m not about to pull a Ligman and shell out $150K, I figured it was time to lighten the swag load. So I offered an iPod to the person that leaves the funniest comment on this post. Now, I was going to put it up for a vote, make it fair.. frankly, it wasn’t even close, take a look and I’m sure you’ll agree.

MikeyJ writes:

horton12_502_thumbVlad, Vlad the Riff Raff Regurgitator
Promisin’ Monkeys and an SPF hater.

He’s got a hand on his Weasel
But no Indians in his Bucket
When it comes to sugar coatin’
He just says… “f***it”

He’s the leader at OWN
Defendin’ yo’ inbox…
What happend to the SBSShow?
That s*** rocks

He’s on planes from FLA,
over to the Big D
Spendin’ all his spare time
supportin’ the community

VladFire, VladCast,
an Exchange wiki too
That boy got no time
to even take a poo

He built a Hackintosh
‘cuz the customer’s right
That’s the type of guy he is —
out o’ site

I could keep on rhymin’,
there’s so much to say
But there’s just one reason I hit vladville every day

Vlad’s the man, the one, the only.
Without a blog post, my RSS is lonely.

Thanks to Vlad for all he’s done.
It’s hard to believe he’s only just begun.
Always willing to go the extra mile.
That last line’s just so I can rhyme “gaypile”

Thanks, man, from all the silent lurkers out here.

This is officially the funniest thing I’ve ever read on Vladville, Eat your heart out captain feedback!

6 Responses to It’s the bad Vlad!

  1. MikeS says:


    Now who wants to lay down an audio track for that…

  2. markcrall says:

    You have certianly set the mark Vlad. How did you know I was thinking of you when that part in the Horton movie came up? As for Mike’s rap session, there is opportunity there and we will take the feedback into consideration. 😉

  3. Katie says:

    Seriously now… did you have to post my age?

  4. vlad says:

    Ahem, someone forgot to unplug that computer thing at the senior center 🙂

    No dear, but if I say I’m taking my wife to see a Dr. Seuss cartoon I’m doing nothing to shake my pedophile image without disclosing the age….


  5. MikeyJ says:

    Sweet for me!
    … although the 150 large sounds nice 😉

    Yesterday was a long hard day. It was nice to let this flow. Of course, I have to admit, it sounded much more fly last night just before midnight!

  6. HandyAndy says:

    And I thought I was a shoe in for the iPod, Great Job Mickey

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