SM: Moving the Lists, Ramping Activations & Migrations

Shockey Monkey

sm_desktop_1024x768_thumbTime has come to decommission the Shockeky Monkey mailing lists as they have more than served their purpose. Earlier today a new mailing list server has gone online and I will be moving the content/people/etc to it at some point either tomorrow or Thursday. My hope is to use the current list to drop the final release of the Shockey Outlook VSTO (different from the legacy Outlook agent designed to move contacts, convert emails to support requests, upload tasks and calendars – the 2007 one is built on Visual Studio Tools for Office and is far more robust) as well as Shockey Server (Shockey Monkey agent software for Windows platform monitoring; Rich has been working very hard on the fixes for the hung service so the system can be rebooted). So more on that today.

Today I started to wrap up the new signup management code so that portal creation, activation and branding are more automatic and reliable. I have also tested a significant portion of the migration code (Shockey Monkey 1.x to 2.x) but intend to run our paying OWN Partners by hand to minimize impact to their business operations. In case this doesn’t make sense think of it this way – who is more important than the people that pay OWN salaries? Egg-zactly.

Things are moving pretty darn quick now that everything is done. As I have mentioned before, Shockey Monkey delays are starting to make even Microsoft look good, so as this becomes professional software it will be handled as such in every way.

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