Slowdown – Vista SP1


Ok, I know the Service Pack 1 is out and you’re watching it download like a giddy little schoolgirl, but this is a beefy piece of software that should not be applied lightly, especially if you were stupid enough to install release candidates on a production system.

First, backup.

Second, read this blog.

Third, wait. Let someone else blow themselves up first 🙂

Then I guess it’s safe to install 🙂 Conveniently enough, it’s on Windows Update.

3 Responses to Slowdown – Vista SP1

  1. Rich Walkup says:

    oh Christ – that’s like using a bad warez crack to unlock the full features of a virus – geeksquad and firedog just made millions…

  2. Jeff Dempsey says:


    Like usual, I omitted steps 1-3, and decided to install it from Technet about a month ago. (Truth be told, I do backup via My Documents redirection, and the software can all be reinstalled…) but so far, no issues on a Vista Ultimate released version to SP1 on a HP DV-9000z 64 bit w/4 GB RAM, however, when trying to install it from DVD, I get a BSOD just prior to the graphical part of the install (after the white line goes across).

    Weird. Not really a blow up, but weird.

    Have a good one…


  3. Jeff Dempsey says:

    Clarification – When trying to do a clean install of the Technet Vista w/SP1 integrated, I got the BSOD.

    Still weird…

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