What desperation sounds like…

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There will be no more Dell laptops or workstations @ Own Web Now. I had my final conversation with the Dell Gold Team rep (BJ) to find out if anything could be done and cancel orders.

“I hate to lose your business to another computer manufacturer, let’s look at some models on the home site…”

Goodbye Dell, hello HP & Lenovo.

In another story, I got invited to sponsor an event organized by a person that promotes and sells our competitors software. They didn’t want to sell ExchangeDefender which supports and contributes to the community because they saved a few cents with our competitor, but they want our money to throw an event. Err, no.

Sometimes this crap rubs off on me. But then I realize these are not my problems.

Own Q1 has destroyed all previous records. We’re throwing additional capacity around the clock and two new products launch in April. Every day people give me more ideas for what we could build to make them more money and that’s what it’s all about.