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Does positive reinforcement make you want to do more?

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Last night I was bouncing a couple of emails with a fairly influential person in the small business sector, very good friend as well because he somehow managed to be more hated by Microsoft than I am, something that definitely … Continue reading

Whois Sunset & Privacy

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From the Captain Obvious Department: Internet has changed since Al Gore invented it. ICAAN, the international body governing the top level domain policies, is meeting tomorrow to decide the faith of the whois system, originally designed to help organizations identify … Continue reading

The RSS Flush of Forgiveness

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It’s been about a month since I logged into the Facebook. It’s been about two weeks or so since I even looked at Yahoo groups (sans one bad day I ended up wasting on the drama of Senseless & Hopeless); … Continue reading

What a difference a year makes…

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For what its worth, if you’ve ever wanted to visit Florida, this would be the time. The weather is absolutely phenomenal. But if you have to be stuck indoors, looking at the world through the web eyes, the world seems … Continue reading

Berries Out Of Touch

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Third time in about two weeks that Blackberry went off the deep end. Second time in two months that the outage was global, with no ETA on resolution and no notification at the time of the outage. As much as … Continue reading

Truth in Logistics

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Sometimes honesty is not the best policy, courtesy of FedEx: Nothing just screams romance like knowing that the gift I just bought personalized for my lovely wife is being cranked out by a 5 year old sweatshop worker in China … Continue reading

Is it safe to say Apple now owns the digital convergence?

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As much as I hate to say this, and as much as I hate Apple, and as much as I very strongly feel their computers are nothing more than homosexual accessories and toys for toddlers… I think it’s time to … Continue reading

Windows Live Installer – Get it all with one click

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Nutshell: Microsoft enters round 1 with Google, nearly 2 years late, and knocks it out.Conclusion: Nobody cares this time around either. Google first came out with Google Pack a long time ago with hope of making it easy to install/update shareware/freeware … Continue reading

Amazon Web Services: This Is Why Chicks Dig Vlad

Vladville, Web 2.0

Warning to the opposite sex: Reading this blog post may (0.000% chance) affect your sexual desire for me. You’ve been warned. Have you ever said something to a girl and just had her eyes roll straight back in her head? Let’s … Continue reading

First Step in Learning

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So a little while back I wrote a thanksgiving post explaining how I would never have made it to where I am at today if there weren’t some incredible people along the way kicking my ass to do bigger and … Continue reading