First Step in Learning

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So a little while back I wrote a thanksgiving post explaining how I would never have made it to where I am at today if there weren’t some incredible people along the way kicking my ass to do bigger and better things.

Around that same time I had decided that I would use this large megaphone I have to give back and help better someone else… though there is a secret here, that other person has to be hungry, looking to better themselves too. So I figured if there was just one thing, one thing I could offer once a week, to pass some of my skills.. vladville would be a success.

So this first step, related to the AJAX post made the other day, gives you a 10,000 ft view of HTML, Javascript, SQL, WordPress templates and internals as well as some very basic PHP. It is a simple article, one that you can easilly cut and paste and achieve identical results. That is by all means a huge lie, because learning comes with experimentation and trying new things, coming up with new problems and solutions. But at the very least this will give you a starting point and it is step #1 in a five step program to AJAXify your WordPress installation and provide Facebook-style status updates.

I hope you enjoy it, click here to read article