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So I talked a lot about Exchange yesterday and more news are coming from Barcelona where Microsoft is really taking the covers off Exchange and even MOM to a degree. I have to say I am impressed, it looks like Exchange is heading for the full circle with the VoIP integration and messaging.

Steven Bink posted a video from the conference taping the demo of the call-in to Microsoft Exchange 12 server. I did not have the heart to send all of you and kill his bandwidth with this 6 meg avi so I’ve mirrored it locally.

Click here to view the Exchange 12 demo video.

It looks great. I know how many of you love the Live Communications Server (or at least the idea of it, before you see the price) and this is a direct integration of that. As always, you know the caveats… no idea when this will be out, chances are features will be added/removed, etc, etc. But it is cool!

Note: One thing that Steven noted was that Microsoft announced the change with IMF updates in SP2. Apparently, they will be shipping updates to IMF bi-weekly, something that I have not personally experienced. He brought it up to them and we’re waiting for a resolution.

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  1. anthonyny says:

    So are they putting the Exchange IM functionality back into Exchange? Thats what your take on it sounds. If so, that is great news!

  2. alex says:

    IMF Updates is live now and available on Microsoft Updates website. KB907747 explains how to enable updates on Exchange 2003 sp2.

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