SBS Show #16 – SMBTN Partner Groups

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Joining us for SBS Show #16 are few leaders of SMBTN groups: Jim Locke, Roger Otterson and Andy Goodman. They discuss the concept of partner groups and going beyond the networking/technology discussions and towards actually doing business. Every partner in the small business community should listen to this show, especially if you work on your own: 06:00 What is SMBTN, why did you get together? 09:55 What does SMBTN offer people/groups that join? 14:55 What benefits do SMBTN members get from major software/hardware vendors? 19:08 Joining SMBTN from the SBS group leaders perspective? 20:45 SBS group benefits under the SMBTN umbrella 22:35 What is SMBTN really all about? 29:47 What benefits do members realize from SMBTN? 39:22 How does one go about joining SMBTN? 44:10 SMBTN conference? Download the SBS Show #16 SMBTN Annual Conference is at Buena Park, CA from Mar 30 – Apr 1. If you're curious where the SBS Show #15 went, Chris was put in charge of editing the SBS Show on Managed Server because we couldn't hear one of our guests. Look for it this week! In the meantime, the Inside SBS crew will be making its trumphant return with a talk on Mobility. Look for it early next week.

5 Responses to SBS Show #16 – SMBTN Partner Groups

  1. brian says:

    Already on iTunes! Man you’re fast.

  2. CCI says:

    Woohoo, something to put me to sleep. Hope there are no alarming sound effects in this one.

  3. Jim Moss says:

    Just listened to it.

    I have to say it is probably the best voice quality show you’ve ever had. Everyone is very clear, loud, direct. No breathing at all.

    Thank you for your time to put this together we appreciate your hard work.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awesome show! Now, just need to find an SMBTN group. I wonder if I can just join by myself if no group is nearby?

    Do you know Vlad?


  5. Anne Fields says:

    The SBS Show kicks ass again. I miss Susanne, why didn’t you get her on?

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