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IE7 is Out: Will anyone care?

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Over ten years after the “Midnight Madness” launch of Internet Explorer 5, Microsoft is set for yet another launch of another odd number release. The circumstances are similar – Microsoft is bringing little to nothing new to the table, playing … Continue reading

Interesting Training Opportunities for the 2007 Wave

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So I went through the lineup of webcasts Microsoft has lined up for November and things are really starting to heat up. First of all, these webcasts are delivered by TechNet presenters, friendly speak for “coherent technical people”, so you … Continue reading

Email Bankruptcy

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Earlier today I caught up on all the emails and phone calls and finally decided to do a very brave thing… email bankruptcy. Now I am not as brave as Eileen, but nuking mail for me is a very big … Continue reading

SBS Migration Florida Tour

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In this series of four events offered this week in locations across Florida, join SBS-MVP Jeff Middleton of to meet members of local IT Pro Community Group in your area, and to learn about Swing Migration and Disaster Recovery with … Continue reading

Back in O-Town

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Untitled document I’m back in Orlando on Monday — feels like I’ve been gone for ages. This will be the first week of the quarter that I will be in and am likely to lose at least the remainder of … Continue reading

Windows Mobile 5 & Vista RC1


If you have Windows Mobile 5 and Vista RC1 you might find that the Windows Mobile Device Center is missing from Vista RC1. As a matter of fact, you won’t even be able to get your device to be recognized … Continue reading

Exchange KB & 85010014 Fix from Paradise


You can take a geek out of a data center, but you can’t take the data center out of a geek. Earlier this week a support call for the favorite HTTP_500 error (ActiveSync error 0x85010014) floated up to me in … Continue reading

Wedding Gifts

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Untitled document I have a lot more friends than I thought! So on behalf of me and my soon-to-be-bride, thank you all! I got a ton of emails from folks wanting to send us all sorts of stuff (short of … Continue reading

Pictures from the Pre-moon

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Untitled document This is about as far off topic as its going to get but since most of my family and friends already read my blog I figured I start here. Pictures from our pre-moon are up on our web … Continue reading

So who is this Katie?

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Untitled document Someone asked yesterday just who this poor, poor girl that is going to marry me really is. Here she is, naked in a theme park: Now as for the introduction, I have two videos. Both are unedited raw … Continue reading