How Can I Manage Better?

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BadmonkeyI started this conversation with Amy this morning (Katie, I shared my “remote” strategy with her, Steve watch out) about what its like to manage larger teams of differently skilled employees. Let’s face it, it can be difficult to assert your authoritah without appearing unreasonable, bossy or lacking compassion. Male or female, it’s hard to look very compassionate when you’re asking someone to do something they rather wouldn’t. Amy is not a fan of South Park but those of you that are will clearly remember the fundamental principle of management illustrated to the right.

Here is a full 20 second video that illustrates the process. It is safe for work. Bad monkey!

Update: 1) You guys are sick and 2) By popular demand, here is an MP3 ringtone.

Update 2: Fixed link to the ringtone. Enjoy.