Traveling Geek Morals


This is the lowest thing I’ve done in quite some time so I figured I’d share:

If you’ve walked through 20 terminals without finding a single live power outlet, how unethical would it be to unplug the soda machine to refuel your laptop and cell phone batteries?

Just in case you’re against it, this piece of entertainment is courtesy of what will likely be a very warm can of Pepsi for an unlucky DFW traveler.

9 Responses to Traveling Geek Morals

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  2. richwalkup says:

    That’s freakin hilarious man – I think it should be looked upon innovative rather than wrong. Bastards gouge you for almost every ticket you buy, so why can’t they at least have some juice for the geeks in us?

  3. nancyw says:

    That is too funny Vlad! How come you didn’t mention it earlier? Sorry you had to be a part of the SLAM today at the intersection. Dang, that was weird. How fortunate I was to have two men in the car that could jump out and take care of things.

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  5. TimBarrett says:

    Don’t even get me started on DFW. They can’t air condition the planes at the gate when it gets hot enough, so you KNOW the sodas in the terminal are already warm. Charge away baby!!

  6. wormscoffer says:

    Wow – I think you’d be shot for that in the UK. Last time I plugged into a completely unused socket at Stansted Airport security told me to unplug as I was stealing electricity.

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