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This is something that Susan and I have been talking about for quite some time now, the constant growth of the bloggers in the SMB community. I’m fairly proud to see the number of you that have fired up blog sites as a result of my last bomb-post about how you can contribute to the community just by speaking your mind. Way to go. We are all voices of our respective companies, the customers we service, the partners we deal with and issues we have to solve on a daily basis. Making that voice heard, in a coherent and complete way tends to cause others to stop, take notice and help. So if you’ve taken that step.. thank you.

Now, how do you find out about all of these great blogs?

Well, you have to know the pope. Then you can try Google, Technorati, etc. Rinse, repeat on monthly basis.

For a while now Susan and I have been talking about organizing a central list of these blogs and then further mashing them into one large megafeed. The concept being that doing so for the particular market segment will allow us to be more connected and give those of you just starting somewhat of an equal footing with the people that have been doing it for a while and have a built in audience. Nothing new or earthshattering here, simply trying to push a little exposure around.

How can you help?

Glad you asked. Post your blog address as a comment to this blog. If you happen to have an OPML of SMB blogs you read please send them to me via email.

20 Responses to SMB Community Megafeed

  1. Dalamar says:

    Just started blogging about MSP after reading your Call to action!


  2. Schrag says:

    I agree with David Mackie. It would be helpful to have feeds that are specifically tagged as SBS/SMB-relevant. I certainly don’t want the bloggers out there to limit their creative outputs, but I don’t need to read everything they say, either. I think the “technology” tag on my blog should be safe:

  3. Philip says:

    Count me in as well please.

    And yes, Susan’s blog is a must for us SBSers.


  4. absoblogginlutely says:
  5. Pingback: The mega mondo uber SBS megafeed - E-Bitz - SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS "Diva"

  6. AltmanTC says:

    I have one I just started recently based on your example at OWN. I’ll probably set up SMB category for the megablog you’re starting.

  7. bleeman says:

    While I’ve had a blog for some time, I haven’t been that active with it, so it’s relatively small, but I’m working on rectifying that. You will find it at


  8. Brian says:

    Blog v.3…maybe I’ll keep it updated this time.

  9. netlink.ric says:

    I should perhaps rename my blog “Rant-o-rama” to cover my supplier related outbursts?

  10. Karlp says:

    Small Biz Thoughts

    Thanks for the opportunity to pimp.

  11. wmiwmi says:

    Been blogging for a couple years now about SBS, and more recently about growing from a small organization to a mid-sized organization.

  12. If this is about SBS only then what’s the use? we live technology as it pertains to Small Businesses and SBS, not solely SBS and nothing else…

  13. Susan says:

    I called it the SBS mega mondo blog but in reality SBS partners do more than SBS…

  14. jasonl says:

    Here’s mine:


    Jason Leib

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