Patriotic Jackassery Starting To Sting

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Once upon a time my greatest joy in Own Web Now was being able to pick up a paper and start pointing at businesses that are our clients. “We got their money, their money, oh their money, too.” There is something about community participation/involvement that is very fulfilling. For me at least.

Then little own grew up into a big global OWN and now we watch TV and call out companies we get money from. Still a lot of fun, but doing business around the world does come with a few jabs that tend to be pretty hard to swallow.

You see, most of the world happens to hate America. What did we ever do to them? Oh, that. Woops.

One thing that I could always fall back on is making fun of their currency. So whenever I cut a check to a foreign company, I always make sure to note that it’s the AMERICAN dollars that you’re getting!


This used to be pretty funny when you could buy 3/4 of Toronto for $20 bucks, or when we bought 1/4 of USA for $23 million.

Today, not so much. Canadian dollar is $0.9975 USD, Euro is actually $1.5534 and Australian dollar is $0.9477.

Just stings a little, thats all.

6 Responses to Patriotic Jackassery Starting To Sting

  1. Judy says:

    You post too much.

  2. vlad says:

    Are you engaged yet?


  3. Harry says:

    Hey Vlad, don’t be so harsh on yourself! For most people outside of the US it’s really only one person they don’t like – good ol’ George W! I have met lots of Americans I do like – including a number of those who some see as standing for all things American – your soldiers. But the man in charge is possibly the biggest idiot in the world and getting worse. Take his recent comments during his tour of Europe about how good he has been at multilaterism. Like me I doubt he even knows how to spell it!

    The other person that drives me insane – remember this is a foreign point of view – is Bill O’Reilly from Fox. He should wear a mini skirt, tight sweater and carry Pom-Poms. I would call him a GW cheerleader but that would be a huge insult to cheerleaders!

    Anyway your dollars getting a little better and will improve in time. Unfortunately for your ego I doubt it will make too much headway against the Euro but it should recover against the rest.

    The only thing we need to do now is get these oil speculators on the stock exchange to stop panicking about nothing as I understand the oil producers can’t even sell all of what they’re pulling out of the ground at the moment!

  4. Charlie says:

    Toronto, the capital of Canada!

  5. vlad says:

    Bwahahaha… Canadian Bacon reference FTW!

    Yeah, right. Do we look that stupid? Ottawa!

    Nice try, Dudley!


  6. Chris Knight says:

    The better deal (in terms of land area to dollars, not location!) was for Alaska – about $7m?.

    Better start cutting those cheques in Euros…

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