We’ve never met, have we?


From the mailbag:

“So is your blog just a collection of your innermost feelings you can’t say out loud in real life?”


Why yes, I’m generally shy and reserved in real life.

2 Responses to We’ve never met, have we?

  1. You must be deleting comments today!

    So how much $ can I get NOT to post Vlad singing “Shaggy – It wasn’t me” to a customer on hold complaining his server went down? 🙂

    But I saw it in the event log – it wasn’t me.
    There is even an audit trail – it wasn’t me.
    After we opened the support ticket – it wasn’t me.

    This blog is what I like to call “Vlad teaching manners, decorum and etiquette to the British Royal Family.”

  2. Katie M. says:

    Wow! I am constantly amazed at how much you hold back in each post. They are far less filthy then I would imagine 😉

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