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If you are in the IT space, you need to be watching this. Even if you don’t work with or against Microsoft, Microsoft is a major force in this business and you need to know what they are up to.

OwnWebNow and a few of our partners are doing a bit to bring you the first impressions live from the event. I’m personally using the new Own Web Now Partner Call podcast to interview my partners about what they are learning at WPC and what they are thinking about doing to become more successful with the info they learn.

bg_c31b_thumbListen to the first Own Web Now Partner Call with Mark Crall. Mark talks about the changes to the partner program, changes to the SBSC and community engagement from Microsoft, free exam vouchers and quite a bit more about business and economy in Charlotte.

I will have more calls from WPC today, tomorrow and after that when they get all their thoughts together and figure their strategy out. One of my other partners from Dallas, Pat Dolan of TCC Technologies is doing some video from WPC as well, check it out. Here he is talking to Dave Sobel.