No Reboot Patching


Another out-of-band patch has been issued by Microsoft today and if you are not in the practice of watching out for these things you’ll find your Windows systems rebooting again tonight. Little hidden secret is that most Microsoft patches do not require reboots at all.

Today’s gem comes courtesy of Vulnerability in Server Service Could Allow Remote Code Execution (958644) which will reboot your system by default. Here is how to get around that. Click on the link above. Scroll down under Affected and Non-Affected Software and find your OS. Mine is Windows Vista and Windows Vista Service Pack 1. Click on Download and save the file somewhere. Now, just install this with a /norestart switch and you’re done.


If you have UAC you’ll get some nagging, just hit OK:



Now I realize the jury is out on whether or not it’s faster to just let the system reboot in the wee hours of the night but it’s nice to know that you have options when applying Microsoft hotfixes. 

Meant for CPAs. 🙂

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  5. Susan says:

    On this particular patch, forcing a noreboot will leave the server in an unprotected state. The vulnerable code will still be in memory.

    Read the patching bulletin and if a patch supports non restarting then it will say so and respect that.

    If it needs a reboot it is due to the fact that the box is not fully protected until you reboot.

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