Entourage in full Exchange sync, finally!

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If you’re unfortunate enough to have chosen a Mac for a business computer you are no longer bound to the crippled enterprise mail experience. Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit has a new beta available which let’s your Entourage talk to Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1 UR4 via Web Services.

This means you now get sync for tasks, notes, categories, autodiscovery. Bye-bye WebDav, hello rich integration.

It’s beta, so you have to ask for it politely. Good luck!

P.S. All our Exchange 2007 servers are on UR4 so you’re welcome to use it with our ExchangeDefender Exchange 2007 infrastructure. However, unless you work with me over IM frequently you are on your own because our official stance on beta software is that it’s someone elses problem, not within our ability to test/troubleshoot/assist.