Not coming to the MVP Summit


Sorry for the last minute notice, I tried to surprise my wife by coming back home a week early and she reads the blog.

I’m going to miss all’y’all a ton. I had every plan to be there and even Sir Richard Bronson didn’t give me my money back (although Alaskan gave me like 90% of the ticket back).

I’ve been on the road pimping and basically traveling like a forty year old junkie. I took to the road with antibiotics and cough syrup laced with narcotics. I like to call that the good old times. Then I got the stomach bug. Bright side: lost 5lb. Downside: when everything you eat makes you instantly religious and you can’t even stand up because you don’t know in which direction you’re about to fall… not really good times. And I don’t trust you fers not to wake up in a ditch 😉

So I’m missing out on the Microsoft fun and really one of a kind of an event in the MVP Summit. Have a great time folks!