Rough week ends on a good Microsoft note

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It indeed has been a rough week for us enterprise folks out there. Software patches. Then the news that Microsoft Virtual Server SP1 will now be R2 with brand new install and more money for a new license. Virus attacks. More spam from and it has been a rough week.

But it is ending on a great note. Microsoft has decided to extend the support period of SUS 1.0 to December 6, 2006 and allow more time for WSUS deployment, troubleshooting. Whats more, the new SKU for mid-market server bundle is being announced shortly, SQL 2005 and Exchange SP2 are coming which will make more data available on the go, securely..

Thanks to Steven Bink for this great find.

Microsoft had previously advised that SUS 1.0 would only issue updates until 6 June 2006. This anouncement extends support a further 6 months giving admins even more time to manage their migrations to SUS2.0.

Microsoft will continue to support Software Update Services (SUS) 1.0 until December 6, 2006. Microsoft will no longer support SUS 1.0 after this date.

SUS 1.0 will no longer synchronize new update content after December 6, 2006. Therefore, SUS will no longer help provide new updates after this date. Additionally, as of August 24, 2005, you can no longer download SUS from the Microsoft Web site.

Important We recommend that you upgrade to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) before December 6, 2006.