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It’s Friday already, where does the time go? I spent last week at a conference in Redmond and to be honest have not slowed down for a minute since I landed there. As I’ve written (in the now famous suicide note) over and over, there is nothing better for your business than spending time with friends and professional associates just goofing off and getting a perspective on your business. You get to find a whole new side to your business and if you’re lucky enough, yourself. But since this is about me, todays lesson is that kindness matters.

The Ferry

Last weekend we went for a joyride on Bainbridge Island. We pretty much just goofed off, played stupid games, had an excruciatingly long conversation about a bodily movement, pulled off road at a sheep farm just to offer it to a guy from New Zealand… Check. I was feeling a bit down mentally and physically and I didn’t go along with the crowd when we got on the ferry… Few minutes later I got out of the car, got some fresh air and… a friend came down just to check on how I was doing. How nice!! As little as it may have been to them, it made my day. Someone gave enough **** about me to leave their other friends to check on me. On the way off the ferry we saw a girl that really seemed like she had enough of holding the sign. The look of utter exaustion on her face, eyes glazing somewhere in the distance with the cruise ships. Holding a sign must blow. She glanced over at our car, I smiled and waved back.. She woke up I guess, smiled, waved back. You see, sometimes it’s about the little things. 

The Security

Not a big friend of NTSB. I was flying back on Monday, late night redeye flight. I decided to drop the car off early and spend some time with a friend I rarely get to spend time with. Because of safety my airline wouldn’t check my luggage (apparently, can’t take bags more than 4 hours in advance). Because of safety they also wouldn’t hold it either. Fine, trek accross the airport, drop it off in paid storage, climb up 3 flights of stairs, off through security. Wait in line for god knows how long and… finally, through the scanner. I don’t even know why or how but I started chatting with the NTSB guys working the scanning equipment. Turns out one had been there for 5 hours and has another 8 to go. The other had been there all day. Damn. Now these guys are probably blamed for everything from the towers going down to the war in Iraq to the long lines at the airport to the tighter seats on the airplane. On that day it must have been very special too, you see, it was 9/11. I don’t know why or how but I just said:

Thank you guys for all your hard work… especially today.

I think they both stopped what they were doing and just looked at me as if they have never heard those words before…….

Take from this what you will, sometimes it is little things that matter. Think about people who do the little things for you and go out and thank them today.