Insulting The Whole World

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Ten years ago my friend and I often joked about running the worldwide business as we were applying for our occupational permits. I remember us sitting around his garage/bedroom on a pile of cases and thinking about racking them up and taking pictures in front of them to pretend we’re a huge ISP. Well, 10 years later I truely run a global business and in global business people definitely do not have the same sense of humor the world over.

So every now and then, intentionally or unintentionally, I end up insulting a small country, island or the entire continent. Every now and then I get an IM from Susanne, my PR agent: “What did you say now? I am getting complaints”; Susanne has been doing really well lately so I figured I’d throw some business her way. So, I would like to thank the countries in which we do a lot of business.

So first of all, thank you UK for all your money!


I’ve been working really HARD on my monkey. Shockey Monkey. Everyone on the list will go live in December 1st, 2006. 


And my Ausies… The nicest damn people on earth, I mean that. We have something called Southern Hospitality where I live.. It’s basically being very nice to the person directly in front of you as you proceed to insult everyone else. Never met a bad Australian, folks, thank you for all your money.


And for my kiwi’s, I haven’t forgotten about you. Is kiwi insulting? I dunno, but this ought to make up for it (email for a 6Megapixel shot)


“Who would marry Vlad? Poor girl!” Don’t worry, she’s as big of a bastard as I am.


And for anyone that hasn’t hit ALT+F4 yet…


Have a nice weekend folks, enjoy your Vista deployments! Say hi to Susanne.