Vista Business Upgrade

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The following comes courtesy of Tom Anderson of Business Information Systems. He went through with the Vista Business Upgrade and below are his remarks. Thanks for sharing Tom and hopefully everyone will find it useful.

OK, I have worked through my first use of the Vista Business Upgrade. Here is what I have discovered thus far:

1.      I ordered the user license from my distributor. After receiving the license information, I went to the eopen site accepted the license and downloaded Vista Business Upgrade. I selected .iso format (only choice).

2.      After the download completed, I notice that the extension on the file was .img and not .iso. After some assistance from the board, I renamed the file with the .iso extension. I then used Nero to burn the image to DVD.

3.      My question in the beginning was whether or not you could boot from the DVD and install to a wiped disk. Well, the answer is Yes you can. The DVD is bootable and Vista installs like a charm. I simply told it I wanted to do a clean install and it handled everything from there. In less than 20 minutes, I had a fully functional machine.

4.      What really surprised me in the beginning is that I was never asked for the Product Key, but after some investigation I get the notion that this takes place during the Activation process. Can anyone confirm this?