Shuttle Discovery takes off

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IMG_0736Shuttle Discovery took off roughly an hour ago. This was a spectacular event for two reasons: it is the first time I saw a night shuttle launch live and it is the first time a human being has ever seen a night separation of the shuttle from the fuel tank. I think one of the funniest quotes of the evening, short of Benz running outside and staring at the shuttle, is the NASA commentator saying: “That’s 23 Hoover Dam’s worth of power output right there.. Thats whats taking us to space.”

I live in Central Florida and we take great pride in our space program. As should all Americans, I hope that whereever you are you at least once get a chance to watch the launch live. Not only can you feel it but the sight is as spectacular and as unimaginable and undescribable as it gets. Mickey Mouse blows up a ton of dynamite in my back yard every night so it takes quite a bit to impres me. This did. To say “it lit up the night sky” is an understatement.

In a true American spirit we sat around in our warm living room and watched the countdown and main ignition start… then ran out to see it live. Talk about the enormity of it all!