Vladville volcano NOT related to 933493

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Well, got my tale between my legs. The little eruption here regarding the crashed Outlook at 5 hours of downtime were not related to Outlook performance fix kb933493. I am not sure if I’m allowed to comment on what the actual issue is.

So allow me to extend my apology to the Outlook team and thanks to Paul Fitzgerald and Terry Mahaffey. They both, along with a lead dev, test engineer and support engineer ran to my rescue this morning and had an answer by the late afternoon. Terry was able to locate my Crash Report, I submitted the first one which took about 8 minutes to upload.

I’ve gotten a handful of reports of the exact same scenario happening to you. If you are experiencing it, and you did report a dump, and you have the bucket # from event 1001 send it my way and I’ll submit it to them as well. As for the blog post being pulled, I did so as soon as they contacted me and actually offered to help. Given the track record of my blog and business relationship with Microsoft, I see no reason to fault them when they are at fault, as my partners do to me at www.ownwebnow.com/forums. The software is designed to work, you pay for it to work, and you feel the heat whenever you don’t live up to your promise. But we all make mistakes and when people are actually trying they don’t deserve to be beaten in public as well. Yes my Outlook blew up, yes I could have been down for hours if that was my only PC, yes my cofidence is shaken… but these guys jumped all over this issue and got to the bottom of it the same day which is what I have been looking for all along. In the time when Microsoft is firming committment to release software more rapidly we as partners and customers (no, my copy wasn’t free) need to be assured that Microsoft has a committment to supporting their technology. Today went a loooong way towards that, at least for me.