Longhorn Virtual Labs

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Great find by David, Microsoft Technet has a few new Longhorn virtual labs. These labs are free and are a great way to explore the new technology that you may not be familiar with. For the low low price of $0 you get to download a Word document that serves as your guide through the lab. It tells you what to click on, what to do, what different things mean and you can follow them point by point or go exploring on your own.

Note: Toy labs are not a good substitute for deploying, configuring and managing a proper lab network. However, for the first look and specific task training, they are more than enough.

Managing Windows Longhorn Server and Windows Vista using Group Policy

Managing Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn Network Bandwidth with Policy-based Quality of Service

Windows Server Longhorn Beta 2 Server Core

Windows Server Longhorn Beta 2 Server Manager

Microsoft Windows Server “Longhorn” Beta 2 Terminal Services Gateway and Remote Programs/p>

If you’re in the MonkeyForce check out the IIS 7 virtual labs as well.