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Shockey Monkey
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As Shockey Monkey project grows, and let’s face it, as there are many of you out there using it and making your living on it the need for a serious site grows. I have worked very hard today to make a better home for all Shockey Monkey information.

The new site has the long desired roadmap, updated FAQ, and something I think many of you will really enjoy even if you have no intent to ever use Shockey Monkey. I’ve spoken to well over a thousand of you over the last year of the Shockey Monkey development and through that process identified a lot of best practices, pitfalls and challenges an IT solution shop faces. While my long term vision of Shockey Monkey is to help lessen some of the pains, I am taking to writing down some of those consulting best practices and management tips in form of documentation on the site.

Consulting best practices & Shockey Monkey Documentation

Find out how to shape your IT practice through best practices. 

What’s the big idea? You can figure out what to put in for the email branding screen or what an announcement is. But what you might want to learn is what makes an effective announcement, what to say, what to avoid, what works and what doesn’t.

That, I believe, is the overall value of Shockey Monkey, the collective intelligence of SMB IT community put to work for your business.

Coming up this week: Customer-facing documentation and video to help train the customers, Shockey Monkey discussion group/list, documentation and videos on managing tickets and a few more developments on ticket management workflow implementation.