Interesting weekend ahead: Big Infrastructure

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Every now and then poor planning and an incredible growth curve meet to make something special. We’re having a special maintenance cycle this weekend at OwnWebNow and rather than to test our luck I’ve extended the maintenance cycle by 5 hours to make sure everything thats being brought online is done in a manner that won’t cause me to have to apologize for a week straight.

Absolutely every single core service is being scaled up, along with both physical and topological change in the infrastructure: new DNS server core, three more data centers.

Tip for newbies: never be a smartass in an engineering meeting. For example, if you hear someone say the above to you and you are compelled to say “No biggie, whats the worst thing that could happen” prepare for everyone else to pause and look at you, visually painting “fault point” on your forehead. On the flip side, its a hell of a way to get a Saturday off