Project Updates: TW/XD/SM

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It has been an exciting two years, getting the opportunity to travel, meet so many partners, be exposed to so many different business models and objectives. I must say, I have learned a lot.

Since WWPC, my last major conference for quite some time, I have been working on Own Web Now, trying to steer it in the direction it needs to go in and implementing all the neccessary changes and adjustments to take us to that next level. It’s hard work alright but I think it will make a huge difference in the lives and businesses that have supported us (and that have supported me) for years. It’s important to get out there, but its also important not to make the excursion a once-a-year event – I learned that early on because most of the changes I made from my 1.0 event were wrong ones. It takes time, it takes knowhow, it takes experience, it takes professional friends that guided me through it. Learning and partnering process is a continuing exercise and if you’re trying to write software there is nobody but Walt Disney that can give you great advice:

“You don’t make it for yourself. You know what they want and you make it for them” – Walt Disney

So, on September 20th (which I believe is Thursday) expect to see some major announcements come from OWN and me. This is easilly the most exciting time in the history of my company and we’re doing more for our customers and for our partners than we ever have before. I look forward to perfecting that process and that promise.