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This has been an execiting few days on the signup forms. For starters, the SSL certificate expired the other day. Got it renewed, please go sign up if you haven’t already. I even took Scott Buchanan’s advice to make my ass kicking more friendly:

There are only two rules: Never ever ever ever ever email Vlad (for any reason) and be as nice as you humanly can be (even if your head is on fire). The reasons for these rules are simple: There is one of me and nearly 4,000 of you and if everyone had even just a quick question that took a minute for me to respond it would take me over two weeks of full-time labor just writing emails.  The second rule is there to remind you that the software is free, so if you don’t like it and choose to be rude without unsubscribing I might cut out the middleman. Failure to follow the rules means your portal gets deleted. It has never happened, but I like to set the rules of the game up front.

Aside from the email nagging by a few people, the product development has been awesome for me. I got a TON of feedback, lots of offers to help, partners have been referring one another to it, helping build the whole thing. People that chose to bow out did so gracefully, I helped a few with their Connectwise migration, all in all, over a year into it, I’m quite happy with what we’ve been able to build.