Westcoast Event in UK

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Just a courtesy mention for an event that my dear friend Susanne Dansey is planning in the UK this week. Over 170 have signed up, and you can register here. I believe in Susanne enough that I can blindly endorse this, she can throw things like nobody’s business, and I can tell you that the sub-200 crowd is far better than the larger events, especially if you’re trying to build relationships and network with everyone there. So if you can, go.

Andy mentions that the event may have sold out already, but he can get you in. If that fails, remember that tech events in SMB are highly dependant on the things that “come up” so the odds that you’ll be able to get in might be better than you imagine. And if you still can’t get in, contact me for some incriminating pictures and video of Susanne that will get you right in and into the VIP seats*.

(* Limited to the first 10,000 people that request it.)