I’ve noticed you’re blogging more about politics

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Someone said that to me yesterday. I haven’t noticed to be honest, but fair enough, here is the cause:

I blog about business in general.

Business is affected by many factors. Things like availability of funds, interest rates, foreign exchanges, stock markets, they all play a part in the course of business. Maybe not yours, but you can bet your clients may be aware of it. So in the end, it impacts you as well. Which is why it is of outmost importance to subscribe and read trade press, business journals, books, magazines that bring the very latest news from worldwide reporters. 

Truth is, nothing I have written so far is news, it has been apparent for quite some time to anyone that is following this type of stuff. Unfortunately, the process is becoming more transparent and people on the street are starting to realize that funny money is going away so the financial decisions they make suddenly are being made with a lot more due dilligence. And the more uncertainty (are we heading for a recession? When do we get out of Iraq? Will the dollar collapse? Who will be the next president) there comes more hesitation and the purchases are being deferred. While you can defer a purchase, you can’t defer debt which so many businesses are established on.

The very businesses we serve. (and get paid by)

So pardon me if the articles seem to sound like they are about politics, they are not. They are about how politics has an inflience over the economy which has an influence over my business, which has an influence over my pocket.

Vladville does not endorse a political candidate or a political party. While I hope you aren’t making your voting decision on emotional bullshit issues that people hold very personal and are subject of constant discussion while the true problems are being brushed away with no clear plan, we can all agree that politicians are corrupted crooks and liars and their promises and party affiliations mean nothing.