Grumbling over RSS Feeds

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Gmail really needs a massive reply feature – let me can some text and send it to everyone that asked the same question.

I want you to know that I have heard the grumbling over the lack of RSS feeds for the OWN Partner Call and I intend to do something about it tomorrow. Yes, I know that if it doesn’t sync to your iPod it may as well not exist. I will fix it tomorrow.

I have one more call in the queue with Matt Makowicz who makes a pretty good case for why you’ve heard and seen far less “rah-rah” from the Microsoft WPC than usual. After that one is out, the RSS feed will come.

The OWN Partner Call has done so many fantastic things for OWN in the first three days that it has been alive and I hope that I can continue to use it to promote the people we work with because they are just fantastic.

Take it with a grain of inspiration if you are trying to do something nice for someone else too. The OWN Partner Call started as a last minute mass-mail to eight of my friends (who also happen to do business with OWN) asking them if they wouldn’t mind helping me let my partners know what Microsoft is up to. Four phone calls and maybe two dozen emails later, close to ten thousand people got to hear what WPC was like for people that feed me. You can make a difference, if you try.

Again, thank you!