Making the world a safer place $20 at a time

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We’re now up to the fifth podcast in the OWN Partner Call series and joining me today is Dana Epp, CEO of Scorpion Software. Dana has been on our SBS Show before and as the Microsoft MVP in Security he is no stranger when it comes to the podcasts, blogging and SMB Conferencing in general.

So why should you bother to listen to the nearly 50 minute long discussion over TFA/OTP?

Because we sat around and had a security sales conversation. Learn how to intelligently discuss the security without fear mongering your clients, establish it as a point of differentiation and give your clients the flexibility of adding the extra level of security one user at a time. With customers always being reserved towards arming their entire staff with the latest and greatest gadgets, security does not have to fall into that category – Dana and I partnered up to bring a fully managed AuthAnvil solution at $20/month per employee.

Yes, $20.

Think you can make money offering that?

Now think about my spin on this – I’m now the only one able to offer cloud services with two factor authentication forever ending the paranoia of “But if it’s on the Internet anyone can look at it, right?”

Oh, and its being built into Shockey Monkey. Quick, does your PSA have integrated two factor security? So that thing you keep your passwords, customer credit cards, remote VNC access to the clients portals.. anyone that can sniff your password has access to it?

Year in the making folks, we’re here to kick some booty, stop playing around and pour some jet fuel onto your marketing. What in your offering makes you any different than the 200 other resellers in your city? I’ve got a whole stack of things, are you interested? AIDA!

Download it, listen to it, think about it