Off on the ExchangeDefender 4 Road Trip

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As you may have noticed, I’ve been rather quiet about the ExchangeDefender 4.0 upcoming feature set. For a product scheduled for launch date of August 19th it’s pretty unusual for me to be this silent about it.

So you know this is going to be big 🙂

And when you see what we’ve been working on for the past eight plus months your thoughts are going to be… “I get all that for that price? How can they possibly make money on it?”

Pssst. We’re gonna make the future users of ExchangeDefender pay for the enormous infrastructure expansion bump you’ll see. And the new pricing will be announced on the 20th. And it’s gonna be higher. Significantly higher. But every service provider in by the 19th will be locked in to the current pricing. So if you aren’t in the partner program, today is a day to get in and sign up for the Service Provider account. It’s $150 for the first 100 accounts, $1.50 per account after that. You get first 60 days free. You can make a good $ on the markup of that alone, and on Aug 19th when ExchangeDefender becomes a product onto itself you’ll be able to damn near build a business on it. If I’ve written about anything on here is that you’ve got to spot opportunities when they present themselves – this is your opportunity. No exceptions will be made after the 19th.

So tomorrow I go to Dallas to inspect and sign off on ExchangeDefender 4.0. We are so badass that the head of this monster is split between three data centers 🙂

On Sunday I board a flight to LAX to visit the live geographically redundant data center doing the same thing in DC. God willing, in December there will be one in London too. And then Australia. And then Elbonia!

So that is what I’m up to. Join us 🙂

P.S. To my blogging friends and tireless advocates that have been just amazing partners in the Own Web Now business I want to ask you not to blog about this last offer. I feel that enough ass has been kicked and I’ve given both the IT world and the IT community enough of what I and my OWN family are all about. And while I appreciate that you want to give that one additional kick in the ass, even I thought about not posting this. So the comments and trackbacks are disabled, this is the biggest business favor I can offer my readers and I’d like to keep it as such.