Well, so much for that MSP idea…

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Buying the new Dell mini laptop and got prompted to sign up for the Dell’s managed services. See if you can top this:

“This service covers your household — all family members and all Dell-branded consumer devices under warranty (excludes purchases from retailers and Employee Purchase Programs). Your call will be answered in 2 minutes or less on average. Request telephone appointments with your favorite team members and receive follow-up from the same team members you talked with!

[add $99/year]”


But wait, an MSP does a lot more than just answer phone calls, even if none can do it for $99/year/PC, especially not 24/7. You also work on infrastructure, help with the system setup, viruses, spyware, etc. Don’t worry, Dell is prepared to kick ass there too:

“We’ve got you covered! If you need help getting started we are here for you 24/7! Dell on Call phone technicians are available around the clock.

On Call Services 30 Days [add $49]

On Call Services 13 months [add $149 or $2/month]


Set Up Your System

Help You Go Wireless

Hook Up Your Email/Internet

Remove Spyware and Virus

Connect Your Gear and More”

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Seems like this would be a place to write the eulogy, except there really isn’t much nice stuff that can be said for people that chose to stay at the bottom.