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I’ve finally almost caught up with my email. That seems to be the perpetual state of my existence lately, I guess I’m famous. But almost, yes, almost got all my mail and issues all taken care of. Training up the new MonkeyForce has been a bitch, if I were a loser I’d probably just quit right now and say we’re not going to grow anymore but far too many of you know where I live and if the monkeys stop hitting delete there will be a pitchfork army at my door by the evening.

Phew, what a relief. Dodged e-myth prophecy once again!

And now that I finally have a breather, time to get myself way in over my head again! But more about that later, here is what you’re likely missing out on:

My good friends Wayne and Robbie are doing a huge webcast to introduce those of you down under to SBS and EBS.  Registration required but a free event. They will also be taking to the road and such. Own Web Now Corp is also doing a huge show of support for SBS with a new community, check back tomorrow. No, we still won’t sell it.

I got an invitation from my partner Dana Epp introducing the AuthAnvil v2 next week. Make sure you sign up for it – now much like ExchangeDefender and all the other serious stuff there are minimums – but if you work with OWN there aren’t – you can buy it one token at a time, $20 a month. I am sure I could put another pimpnote in here.

Someone out there ran a study and found out that SPAM gets 1 response per 12,500,000 messages. It also found I have a body of a prepubescent Chinese gymnastics champion. Please. We get dozens of calls a day with people questioning why their UPS invoice got stuck in the SPAM queue. Do you have an account with UPS? No. Do you ship with UPS? No. And you want the UPS Invoice from delivered to you ASAP? Every company has exactly 1 idiot that will keep ExchangeDefender around as long as there is email.

Finally, a huge apology to Garett Chipman from TVG Consulting for still waiting on a quote from me. Second one in line to Stuart Selbst from SecureMyCompany for not getting the branded panel in place for the launch of the 50 cent / gig offsite backup. Apologies to the ConnectWise and Autotask families for the lagging SM integration projects, everyone waiting on Shockey Monkey, Vanderbilt, MonkeyForce, people waiting for the newsletter, James Cash, the angry UK villagers that didn’t get their invoices AGAIN and everyone else that stuck with me while I worked like a migrant fruit picker to staff and train this company through another growing pain point. Oh and Susan Bradley for working as my administrative assistant and getting me everything I asked for over the past month! Flowers are on the way.