Good or Bad?

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I was looking at the financial breakdown of our company today, tracking some of the trends and trying to gain some confidence in the new business models, annual shift of responsibilities and the next huge growth curve we’re (hopefully) about to experience.

It’s hard. We’ve beaten all our estimates, revenues are at the highest they have ever been and profit almost hit a full percent over the last month which is sort of incredible when you consider that half of Europe pretty much shuts down from late June to late August.

So the good news is, we’re making a pile of money, we’re supporting our community, we are going to be at the major shows in August: CompTIA in Las Vegas, MSPU in Los Angeles, XChange in Washingon DC. So if you want to see us live, that’s where we’ll be.

We are also hiring a bunch of folks in both Dallas and the new Orlando office which fires up this Friday.

September is going to be huge for us too, 09/09/09 is a huuuuuuuuge day for Shockey Monkey but I’ve promised myself I will not talk about it until we freeze the code a month from now.

Life is good!!!

Yet, things continue to crack at the very bottom of the market. The S in SMB is slowly but surely eroding and I am a little concerned for my partners that make their living at that level. We have only one growing product in that segment (Exchange Hosting) which is getting a facelift in August.

We have been spending a lot of money on events and travel this year, and the new marketing plan we’ve kicked off is certainly giving us a leg up on the competition. But fighting the same enemy over the same set of customers, while the new fish die off, is not good for the future of the business.

So we change.

If you aren’t changing, if your business model is not significantly different today than it was 12 months ago… seriously, exactly WHAT are you doing?

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