Missed us this year?

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2009 was an awesome year for Own Web Now and we spent like there was no tomorrow. We’ve attended more events, conferences, user groups and corporate trainings than ever in the history of the company.

With that in mind:

Did you miss us this year? If so, let me know where at vlad@vladville.com.

photo Our biggest marketing push of the year is underway but I’m already narrowing down our road schedule for 2010. We’re looking to spend more but spend less time on the road if you get my drift. This was our biggest year in marketing and we learned a few things:

  1. Paid events are no longer worth sponsoring. IT industry is no stranger to liars but this year in particular people really relied on the “sponsored event” organizers for vacations. Events that pay or beg people to attend for free are off the road trip list.
  2. Some folks clearly spend too much time traveling and too little working. We have a 3 figure deep list of people that have gone to 4 or more events this year.
  3. We aren’t stupid – we actually track our ROI – you can coach your attendees to go be nice to blow smoke up sponsors ass but when no sales come up as a result of it the sponsorship money dries up too.

Our business is really firing on all cylinders and we want to keep it that way – so keep your eyes on your mailboxes (physical ones) through November and December. I’d really appreciate any help with the above. I hope some of you don’t misinterpret what this means to our partners – the less money we waste on the road front the more will come out the market development and business resource end. But not letting that one out the bag until you get our mail 🙂