Ode to Ignorance

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It’s 3 AM, I’m tired, motivated and enthusiastic by what I see.

Inside, I’m depressed and frustrated by what I hear and witness because it’s so hard watching people who know what they need to do ignore it because change is too scary. So they sit, look for comfort and try to avoid stuff that becomes more real with each passing day.

Over the past few days I’ve had a chance to talk to so many people that my voice has completely given away. Shot. In that time, I’ve discussed things with people that are growing and that are slowing. Let me sum it up:

The era of nickel and diming, tiering, layering and stacking is over. Really, I am happy you’re making a living at it now, I really am. But we all know that the money next year won’t come from the basics. So either give it up now and grow your share/client base, or watch your empire erode.

And as many of you have seen & heard in Orlando, and will soon be reading in the press, these aren’t just words my friends.

There is a reason janitors, door greeters and security guards with flashlights make minimum wage. Be IT innovators. Not IT janitors.