So how does all this cloud stuff work or make sense?

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Last month I wrote an apology for my voice giving out during a presentation I did at MSPU that a few of my Vladville readers tuned into. As you recall, I promised I’d make it up to you and today is the day.

At 12:30 PM EST today, I’m talking with Frank Gurnee of CharTec – live.

This is the first of the two-part event (you can register for the second one here).

The first one is about technology. The second one is about business. They go hand in hand. But the reality for most of us is that if we have a hole in understanding how both play a part in delivering a solution.

Honestly, there is a reason why some people consistently win. And there are so many reasons why people get better the more they work on the problem – you learn from mistakes and experience. The problem with technology that continuously evolves and the customer taste for technology that changes with the flood of alternative solutions is that being “just-something” doesn’t cut it anymore.

Tune in today for the tech side – of how to implement this. There won’t be a recording posted on Vladville so if you have to miss it, email me (