Perspectives on Invincibility

Boss, Vladville
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I have a quick piece of advice I’d like to share with you.

Win big.

Lose small and often.

As you build your business or businesses and manage different strategies and goals you will inevitably fail at most of them. Not because you’re an idiot but mostly because when you don’t have complete control over all the factors and aren’t giving it 100% of your undivided attention and don’t operate in vacuum things can sometimes work against you.

The bigger things get the more often stuff will work against you. You can only juggle so much.

Those of us that fail a lot and often learn to put things into perspective – and that perspective is that there is no such thing as immortality and invincibility.

So when you win big..

Do this:

What would I have done next if I was wrong and I lost?

It will keep you from thinking you’re far better than you actually are.

It will reset your risk calculations as well. Success is hard to come by and money is far too easy to give away. You’re happy when you win so you don’t take the time to truly reflect on what it took to get the win – you only seem to think about it when you lose. So when you win.. be humble, be thankful, consider your next move like it’s the last one you’ll make.

Or drink so much that the walls start to move and hope you hit a soft target on your way down as you pass out.

It’s one of the few “secrets” I’ve had on my way up. It’s also remarkably inexplicable that it’s a secret that so many aren’t aware of – which is why so many successful people make remarkably dumb moves. Rappers, wall street crooks, gay bashing legislators and pastors getting caught in the airport bathroom stall with a man, etc.

Win big. Lose small and often.