ExchangeDefender PSA Integrations

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If you happen to be using something other than Shockey Monkey to manage your business, I would appreciate some ideas on what we need to add to our ExchangeDefender integration set. The deadline for all ideas is October 15th as we have to have the roadmap put the requests in place by November 1st and transition the development.

Autotask – This is our most complete integration out there, as far as I know everything works. (if it doesn’t, please email me a screenshot of what’s broken to

ConnectWise – Reporting of some stats data is broken and will be straightened out by CW event. We’re kind of open to suggestions on how to help you out on this one given the reputation that CW reports have – but to be honest I am not familiar with the 3rd party report companies.

API – Everything here works as well, all data available to 3rd party PSA as well as Shockey Monkey portals is functional. If there is something you’d like us to open up please email me at

Anything else? Let me know.

Before the conspiracy theories start and I hear from others that I’ve said something I haven’t actually said… here is the deal: We’re growing very rapidly and we have a very aggressive roadmap ahead of us for 2013-2014 – meanwhile the talent pool out there is extremely shallow.

This is something I’ve been discussing with my partners for a while now. For obvious reasons I can’t have the same personnel on Shockey Monkey and AT/CW.. and with 3rd party mobility integrations becoming more demanded by the partner base, what would you like me to spend my development resources on: Something that makes managing your job easier or something that you can sell / get $ for? Universally, everyone has asked for more features and things they could sell (Unicorn, LocalCloud, etc) but we can’t have broken integrations either so… if you know php/.net or have some brilliant way of digging out of this hole, let me know Smile