52nd Week

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Just a heads up that I will be in office all week (working from home here and there tomorrow, Tuesday Dec 25) so if there is anything I can do for you don’t hesitate to contact me.

This week on the agenda is breaking of all the blogs and non-ExchangeDefender sites we run so if you can’t reach me from here, just give me a ring. I’ll be in my office.. extension 500.

This year (I’ll blog in detail if they give me permission) we managed to cram nearly 2 years of development in one – we’ve launched stuff very aggressively and we’ve received the feedback faster than ever – lots of stuff done, lots more to do. My closest and biggest partner get the idea of what we’re up to and I cannot express how incredibly rewarding it is to get so many ideas and suggestions back when we add new stuff.

Anyhow, development. Because of everything that happened this year with ExchangeDefender, LocalCloud, Unicorn, Managed Messaging and Shockey Monkey we don’t really have a very crisp line between the two years. The only real “break” between the two is financial (major new initiative launching in Jan/Feb timeline) but otherwise everything is going the same with the similar pedal-to-the-metal attitude.

Frankly, we’ve overwhelmed – but don’t let that stop you from cracking the whip – we have several areas that we are working on improving and literally all the products and services are getting a major facelift. In 2012 we formed a very good base for support (I can’t seem to hear enough good stuff about them whereas a few years ago it was just @#% nonstop), products are solid (some manuals still suck, some features need more explaining) and services just need more, more, more of everything.

984e5_400Alice-White-Rabbit_lHere is the good news tho – we’re the most profitable we’ve ever been, most successful we’ve ever been – and if you’re doing what I’ve been blogging about on here for years, so are you. The riffraff and crud of the SMB IT has to the large extent been eliminated as anyone could have predicted and the serious people are having the best year ever even though the economy is bad and probably going to get worse before it gets better (thanks to the jackasses in Washington and other countries playing catchup while burning up their currency to stay afloat).

As you can tell, lots of stuff on my mind, too much to do too little time – but as for the past 15 years, I’m here for you. Give me a call. Or an email (just don’t expect the response this year, I have a 4 figure unread count but I will get through it this week)