Then There Were Three

Shockey Monkey
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We will be officially launching Shockey Monkey 3 next Thursday. Please register and tune in. For the next 7 days leading up to the launch I intend to share a lot of very frank and honest details about what we’ve done so far.. so you can take advantage of what we’re about to do next.


Shockey Monkey goes beyond your IT management / PSA suite. As I’ve maintained since the beginning, we’re not in this to build a PSA for the IT guy. I think that opportunity is both played out and, let’s face it, it doesn’t actually make you money.

It has taken a while but I have finally built what I believe will give my partners a head start to the next great opportunity in SMB. Tune in to the webinar or read the next few days of blog posts or just give me a ring. We’ve listened to the feedback, we’ve taken design and implementation advice, we have dealt with bugs and features and I look forward to this huge next step.