Really Looking Forward To XD Live!

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Tomorrow is the inaugural XD Live workshop event and I haven’t been this excited about something non-software-related in quite some time! I think most of my entrepreneurial brotherin  will understand what it’s like when you want to do something that is really valuable and just don’t have the resources to pull it off. Having traveled the world and shared tons of advice/feedback with people all over I’ve always felt that there was a significant hole in the area of business education when it came to small business IT solution providers.

The great news is that I now have the resources and a few very excited, energetic people that want to take that right-sized business education and deliver it in a way that makes sense. Register for tomorrows event, for free, here.

Almost everyone has seen me speak or present at an event – typically significantly slanted towards ExchangeDefender and Shockey Monkey. That is what you get when you go to an industry event: We (software|hardware vendors) pay for the privilege of presenting an infomercial to a captive audience. The conference/event organizers run a business that matches up the need of the industry to learn how to better serve it’s clients with the vendors that are trying to sell stuff. There is no shame in that, it’s not an inherently broken model, it’s just business. Yeah, sometimes things are misrepresented, yeah sometimes the content sucks but the hallways are great, nothing is going to be consistently perfect.

What XD Live is and what It isn’t

XD Live is not a conference. Or an un-conference. It’s not a sales pitch fest you’re used to and it’s not a replacement for anything you may already have been to. It’s not an online conference or online virtual mall or virtual expo.

The problem we are trying to solve with XD Live is that of insufficient, ineffective and inappropriate business education for the IT Solution Provider. This is not about selling or about the keynote or about getting you an MBA – it’s more like reading eMyth out loud or going over key success factors of what makes a lasting impact on sales, marketing, HR, management, customer service, billing, collections – all the aspects of the business and technology that everyone should know.

It’s business training.. 

It’s an online workshop..

It’s about making your employees more aligned with what your business is doing and broadening their appreciation for everything that is necessary to go to the next step.

It’s also free: the first event is on me. I want your help to promote it, I want your help to make it as valuable as humanly possible and I want your help to make it relevant.

Unlike everything else we do, this won’t be big and it’s not intended to become anything that will have a very wide application, it’s intended to help our partners get to the next level and improve. Just like SBS Show, SPAM Show, Looks Cloudy and other community initiatives before it – it’s about you guys. I hope you take advantage of it. I honestly can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t (legitimate one at least; bitching about the hours not being convenient from, from people that have routinely flown over oceans just to hear me sell stuff doesn’t really compare to a free event meant to improve you while you don’t even have to leave your house)

So… if you registered, your webinar invites are on their way tonight, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!